How to maintain long-term use of smart electromagnetic flowmeters:

How to maintain long-term use of smart electromagnetic flowmeters:
1. Ensure the wiring is stable: During the wiring process, ensure that the wire connection is firm and reliable, and perform necessary fixing to prevent loosening or loose contact.
2. Prevent interference: In order to avoid interference from external electromagnetic fields to the electromagnetic flowmeter signal, the cross-wiring of signal lines, power lines, control lines, etc. should be minimized, and shielding measures should be taken, such as using shielded cables.
3. Prevent the influence of temperature: When using an electromagnetic flowmeter in a high or low temperature environment, you need to pay attention to selecting wires and terminals that adapt to the temperature range to ensure its normal operation.
4. Lightning protection: In thunderstorm weather or areas prone to lightning strikes, a lightning protection device should be installed to protect the electromagnetic flowmeter from damage by lightning strikes.
5. Grounding treatment: For places prone to electromagnetic interference, such as near power transformers, appropriate grounding measures should be taken to reduce interference and improve measurement accuracy.
6. Regular inspection: In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter, it is recommended to regularly check the tightening condition and insulation performance of the wiring terminals, and promptly discover and deal with possible problems.


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