Fire Learning and Drills

Qingtian Weiye Party Branch organizes party members and employees to conduct firefighting learning and drills

On the morning of June 5th, the Qingtian Weiye Party Branch organized and carried out fire protection knowledge training and drills, officially kicking off the 2022 Safety Production Month series of activities.
In this training, Qingtian invited professional firefighters to conduct systematic training for employees. It explained self-protection during initial fire fighting and fire extinguishing. At the same time, it demonstrated the operation specifications of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, and vividly taught firefighting skills to the scene. staff.
This training and drill was well organized and highly participated, which effectively improved the fire safety awareness and self-defense and self-rescue ability of the employees of the enterprise, which helped to strengthen the enterprise fire safety management and build a strong fire safety line of defense.


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