Common faults and solutions of natural gas flow meters

Common faults and solutions of natural gas flow meters


1. Natural gas flow meter has no output signal

Reason: There is no medium in the pipeline or the flow rate is lower than the lower limit value; Check if the power and output lines are connected correctly, check if the preamplifier circuit is damaged, and check if the input amplifier circuit is damaged. Processing method: Increase the medium flow rate to meet the flow requirements; Correct wiring, replace the preamplifier, and replace any damaged components in the output amplifier circuit. 

2. No flow meter with output

Reason: Poor grounding of the flow meter or interference from strong grounding wires and other grounding wires, high sensitivity of the amplifier or self excitation, poor contact or open circuit between the piezoelectric sensor and the preamplifier, unstable power supply, poor filtering, and other electrical interference. Solution: Connect the ground wire correctly, eliminate interference, and replace the preamplifier; Check the circuit to make it normal, repair or replace the power supply, and eliminate interference. 

3. The flow meter display is unstable

Reason: The flexibility of the amplifier is too high or too low, there is a phenomenon of leakage and punching, the deep position adjustment of the piezoelectric sensor is incorrect, there is unstable vibration or electrical interference on the installation site of the flow meter, poor grounding, incorrect installation of the position sensor, and there is a bend in front of the flow meter. Processing method: Replace the preamplifier; Reset the deep position of the piezoelectric sensor; Remove unstable vibration and interference, check the grounding circuit to ensure it is normal; Change the installation position. 

4. The reason for the discrepancy between the displayed cumulative flow rate and the actual flow rate is that the coefficient input of the flowmeter is abnormal;
 The normal flow rate of the user is lower or higher than the normal flow rate range of the selected flowmeter; The flowmeter itself is poor; Fluid gas phenomenon; The Reynolds number of the pipeline is not within the range of 2X104 to 7X106.


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