bulk magnetic water meter ready for shipping

Bulk magnetic water meter ready for shipping

One of our loyal customer place an order for 82sets magnetic water meter.
The picture is showing the goods delivery.

LXE Electromagnetic cold water meter is a kind of water flow measurement instrument specially designed for the water supply industry. Accurate measurement to ensure water fee settlement of urban water supply. It can be widely used in water flow measurement in places without power supply, such as: urban water supply, sewage treatment,water conservancy project and other industries.

Q&T magnetic water meter has below advantages:

2.1 No blocking parts inside of measuring tube, low pressure loss and low requirements for straight pipeline.

2.2 Variable diameter design, improve measurement accuracy and sensitivity, reduce excitation power consumption.

2.3 Select suitable electrodes and liner, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

2.4 Full electronic design, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy, wide flow range.

2.5 Microprocessor technology, fast calculation speed, high precision, low frequency rectangular wave excitation, adjustable excitation frequency, low power consumption design.

2.6 SMT component placement technology, the circuit is stable and reliable.

2.7 Converter high-definition LCD backlight display, easy to learn and operate.

2.8 Communication:RS485/Bluetooth/LORA/NBIOT etc.


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