Advantages of Coriolis mass flowmeter

 Advantages of Coriolis mass flowmeter
The Coriolis mass flowmeter directly measures the mass flow rate and has high measurement accuracy.
It can measure a wide range of fluids, including high-viscosity liquids, slurries containing solids, liquids containing trace gases, 
and medium-high pressure gases with sufficient density.The vibration amplitude of the measuring tube is small. 
So it can be regarded as a non-moving part, and the first part and the moving part in the measuring pipeline are measured.
It is not sensitive to the distribution of upstream flow velocity, so there is no requirement for upstream and downstream straight pipe sections.
The measured value is not sensitive to fluid viscosity, and the change of fluid density has little influence on the measured value.
It can do multi-parameter measurement, such as measuring density at the same time, and then derive the concentration of solute in the measurement solution.



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