DN50 coriolis mass flow meter shipment

QTCMF series coriolis mass flow meter suitable for various kinds of liquid and gases for example, oil, alcohol,asphalt, etc. Our client order DN50 coriolis mass flow meter for fuel oil application.
Comparied with the traditional flow measurement method, Mass Flowmeter has following obvious advantage:
1. Enable to measure directly mass flow rate of fluid in the pipeline without changing any parameters, which avoids the some measurement error of intermediate links. Its mass flow rate can be high accuracy and good repeatability within bigger range of turn down ratio.
2. Fluid measured can be more extensive, such as the steady uniform flow of common viscosity fluid, the high viscosity fluid, non-Newtonian fluid, slurry containing some solid components and the liquid containing some trace of gas.
3. Due to the small vibration, measuring tube of the Mass Flow meter can be regards as non-moving parts, which will reduce the maintenance of flow meter, enhance the stability and lifetime.


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