Principle of Oval Gear Flowmeter

 Principle of Oval Gear Flowmeter
Volumetric measurement The working principle of the oval gear flowmeter is mainly based on volumetric measurement.
It is mainly composed of a pair of intermeshing oval gears, a measuring chamber and upper and lower cover plates. When the liquid to be measured enters the flowmeter, 
due to the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet, the pair of gears begin to rotate. During the rotation of the gears,
The fluid is continuously divided into a single known volume part, which is the initial lunar volume formed by the gear and the metering chamber. For each revolution of the gear, 
the volume of liquid discharged is four times the volume of the initial lunar shape. Therefore, by measuring the number of revolutions of the gear, the flow rate of the fluid can be calculated.
In addition, this kind of flow meter also has certain characteristics, such as being insensitive to the flow state of the fluid and suitable for measuring high-viscosity media, but not suitable for fluids containing solid particles.


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