Magnetic flow meter empty pipe alarm

 Five ways to handle it !
One : If measured fluid full of testing pipe of sensor.
Two:When shorting circuit three connectors SIG 1, SIG 2, SGND of converter, and no “Empty Alarm”
displayed then the converter works OK. In this case, it is possible that conductivity of measured fluid
may be small or empty threshold of empty pipe and range of empty pipe are set wrongly.
Three:Check if the signal cable is OK.
Four:Check if the electro-poles are OK or not.
Let the flow is zero, then the displayed conductivity should be less than 100%.
Resistances of SIG1 to SGND and SIG2 to SGND are all less than 50kΩ (conductivity of water)
during measurement operation. (It is better to test the resistances by means of multimeter with pointer
to see the charging process well.)
Five:The DC voltage should be less than 1V between DS1 and DS2 testing the voltage by means of
multimeter. If DC voltage is larger than 1V, the electro poles of sensor were polluted that have to be

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