Our products are used in the ARAB

Slurry electromagnetic flow meter:
Electromagnetic flow sensor by yamatake corporation of Japan original installation import, not only for general process of detection, also applies to pulp, pulp and paste liquid measurement.
Slurry electromagnetic flowmeter in the process of working conditions, play an important role, not only because it has low failure rate, the characteristics of high precision measurement.Also because of its Faraday electromagnetic induction principle, namely the conductor through the magnetic field will produce inductive electromotive force, the flow of liquid medium on behalf of the conductor, induced current is proportional to the flow speed, input measurement amplifier by a pair of electrodes, through the cross-sectional area of fluid and the calculation of flow velocity, can prepare its flow.
Here is a Slurry electromagnetic flowmeter in the application of the Arab region,In the subsequent process of export received good feedback, large diameter electromagnetic flow meter which in the sewage treatment industry also obtained the affirmation.

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