Wrong Installation of Electromagnetic Flowmeter Analysis

                 Wrong Installation of Electromagnetic Flowmeter Analysis
1.The measurement results are beating all the time, and cannot be stabilized
    Most of the reasons for this situation are the installation site has a pump next to the flowmeter. 
The medium is in a turbulent state when passing through the flow, and the pump will interfere with 
the flow meter measurement, resulting in unstable measurement results.
Install the flowmeter away from the environment with interference factors such as pumps, 
and ensure the length of the straight pipe section to ensure the stability of the fluid.
2.The measurement result is inaccurate, and sometimes the air traffic control alarm and the lower limit alarm.
    The medium is not full. If the flowmeter is to measure accurately, the medium must be full.
Workmanship process changes to ensure that the medium is full.
3.The flowmeter is in the situation of being flooded and damaged.
    When the flowmeter is under long-term immersion, the protection grade is not suitable.
In the installation occasions where the flowmeter is immersed in water for a long time, the protection level 
of IP68 must be selected, otherwise the electromagnetic flowmeter will really break.


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