What's the reasons may cause the inaccuracy of slurry electromagnetic flow meter?

 What's the reasons may cause the inaccuracy of slurry electromagnetic flow meter?

1. The electromagnetic flow meter sensor is not installed according to the flow direction mark, causing the measurement direction to be reversed. Solution: reinstall.
2. The sensor signal line is connected reversely. Since the electromagnetic flowmeter has the function of forward and reverse flow measurement, the reverse flow is displayed. Processing method: exchange the signal line.
3. The measuring pipe is empty or not full, and there is gas. At this time, the flow meter will display a negative number or the flow value will be large and small. Processing method: fill the pipe with the measured medium to make the flow child meter have the measurement conditions .
4. If the flow of negative value is very stable, then the problem is fixed on the wiring, exchange each other--the electrode terminal of the signal wire can be exchanged.
Sewage electromagnetic flowmeters, the current mainstream flow measurement instruments, occupy the market with the product quality firmly steam vortex flow meters, but any flowmeter, any brand of flowmeter, needs to be installed, installed correctly, and used Reasonable can be used better, as the saying goes
"Seven points of quality, three points of installation" can be seen, the installation process + points are important.
The same is true for the installation of the electromagnetic flowmeter. It needs to be installed carefully. The quality of the installation will directly affect the later operation process and affect the work efficiency. It is installed correctly according to the principle.
1. Electromagnetic flowmeters have requirements for pipelines and high requirements for straight sections of pipelines, which can be fully satisfied in the design of new water plants. For the transformation and installation of old water plants, it is difficult to meet the above conditions. Affect the stability of the equipment, solutions
Rectifiers are installed to improve the flow characteristics.
2. Too low flow rate of the measured water will also affect the accuracy of the measurement, especially the flow meters installed on the borders of some cities. Because they are located at the end of the regional company’s pipe network, the pressure difference is small and the flow velocity is too low, so the solution can be as far as possible Open the valves on both sides of the boundary to make improvements.
3. When there is gas in the pipeline, it will cause fluctuations and instability in the measurement. If we want to compete, we must find the source of the gas and solve them in the smart sewage flow meter. If necessary, we can install exhaust in the pipeline. valve.
4. The surface of the sensor electrode of the sewage flow meter installed in the raw water pipeline is contaminated by sludge deposits, and the shape responds to the tested child. The solution is to choose a scraper electrode and regularly maintain and clean the well.
5. Foreign matter accumulates in the inlet pipeline of the electromagnetic flow meter. Due to the sudden change of the flow characteristics of the side water body, the accuracy of the measuring child has a large error. The solution is to remove the foreign matter accumulated in the pipeline in time.
6. Lightning strikes cause the electromagnetic flow to pass through the converter to be damaged and cannot be measured. The solution is to install corresponding lightning arresters at the converter signal input end, excitation current input end and working power supply end.



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