What is compensation function in Vortex flow meter?

Vortex flowmeter is an instrument used to measure the fluid flow of industrial pipeline, which is widely used in many industries.
1. Saturated Steam online density compensation 
Vortex flowmeter can achieve integrated temperature and pressure compensation, and there is a strict one-to-one correspondence between the temperature and pressure of saturated steam.
The density of saturated steam can be a single function of its temperature or its pressure. According to the temperature value or pressure value of saturated steam, the real-time density value
can be obtained through the table look-up method or formula calculation method.
In the flow measurement, the vortex flowmeter can choose temperature compensation or pressure compensation flowmeter. To select the flowmeter with temperature compensation function. 
Turn on the flowmeter temperature sensor to detect the measured steam temperature in real time to obtain the corresponding density value.
2. Superheated steam density compensation
Superheated steam is a kind of steam with special quality obtained by reheating saturated steam. It breaks the strict one-to-one correspondence between the inherent temperature and pressure
of saturated steam. Vortex flowmeters can treat superheated steam as a single medium during flow measurement. The density of superheated steam is a comprehensive function of its temperature
and pressure. 
When ordering vortex flowmeters, choose temperature and pressure compensation type. In actual use, the temperature and pressure sensor are simultaneously turned on to measure the steam
temperature and pressure value in real time, and the density value can be accurately calculated according to the superheated steam density table or the density calculation formula.


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