What are the differences in the application of electromagnetic flowmeters

 The applications of electromagnetic flowmeters in various industries mainly include the following categories:
    1. Large-caliber meters are mostly used in water supply and drainage projects;
    2. Small and medium calibers are often used in difficult-to-measure fluids or places with high requirements for both solid and liquid phases; such as measuring paper pulp and black liquor in the paper industry, ore pulp in the non-ferrous metallurgy industry, coal slurry in coal preparation plants, strong corrosive liquid in the chemical industry, and steel industry Blast furnace tuyere cooling water control and leakage monitoring, flow measurement and control of long-distance pipeline coal hydraulic transportation.
    3. Small caliber and tiny caliber; often used in places with sanitary requirements such as the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and biological engineering.
    Various industries should choose electromagnetic flowmeters according to their uses:
    1. Explosion-proof type: It can be used in explosive atmosphere environment conditions, such as chemical industry and coal mine.
    2. Ordinary type: used for medical treatment, food measurement, etc.
    3. Sanitary type: It is convenient to disassemble, rinse and disinfect, and install quickly, suitable for use in medical departments.
    4. Submersible type: open channel flow measurement, replacing traditional weir plate flowmeter.
    5. High-pressure type: flow measurement and control of cement slurry in petrochemical industry and high-pressure water injection in oil production technology.


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