What are the classifications of ultrasonic heat meters

Ultrasonic heat meter is a high-tech product including mechanical, electronic and information technology. It conforms to the heat measurement function of the national heat meter standard. It is suitable for online measurement, online calibration and patrol measurement of liquid cooling/heat in various industrial sites. Ultrasonic heat meters are divided into two categories: fixed ultrasonic heat meters and portable ultrasonic heat meters. Fixed ultrasonic heat meters are divided into two types: integrated ultrasonic heat meters and split ultrasonic heat meters.
 Integrated ultrasonic heat meter: applied to online measurement of heating pipe network. The integrated ultrasonic cold/heat meter solves the problem that the measurement accuracy decreases due to the inaccuracy of the measured pipeline parameters during the installation of the external sensor and the plug-in sensor due to human and other reasons. It has the advantages of high precision, wide range ratio, no pressure loss, simple installation, and no need to set parameters. Measurement accuracy: 2%~3%, working power supply: isolated DC8~36V or AC85~264V optional; if there is no power supply on site, battery-powered type can be customized, protection grade: IP65 and IP68 optional, RS485 communication interface.
Split-type ultrasonic heat meter: Split-type ultrasonic cold/heat meters are also commonly used in online measurement of heating pipe networks. The host is divided into wall-mounted standard type, wall-mounted explosion-proof type, panel-mounted type and local display type. Platinum resistance. Measurement accuracy: 2%~3%, working power supply: 85~264VAC/isolated 24VDC/local display type 8~36VDC, the external clamp installation is characterized by non-stop production, no pipe breakage, simple installation and convenient maintenance.
 Portable ultrasonic heat meter: It is suitable for the patrol measurement of the heat and cold capacity of the heating pipe network, air conditioning and refrigeration and other pipelines. The clip-on flow sensor and the clip-on platinum resistance can go with the measurement. The heat meter comes with a thermal printer, which can print data in real time or at regular intervals. Optional SD memory card for convenient data storage.


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