What are the applications of flowmeters in industrial measurement?

 What are the applications of flowmeters in industrial measurement?

There are no less than 100 types of flow meters that have been circulated on the market today. But so far, every fluid metering product on the market has its corresponding applicability and its limitations. No flowmeter can be perfectly adapted to various conditions and accurate measurement of various fluids.

When the measurement result is distorted, it is necessary to convert the measured flow volume into the corresponding value under the standard state or the specified state, that is, implement the corresponding temperature and pressure compensation. This flow volume conversion is widely used in temperature and pressure compensated flowmeters in industrial production. However, in the actual measurement process, when the temperature and pressure of the measured fluid begin to change frequently, it is difficult or even impossible to perform corresponding conversion updates at the same time.

In the process of selecting the flow meter, the owner must listen to the suggestions of the staff of the flow meter manufacturer, which will make you take a lot less detours in the selection process of the flow meter.


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