Wedge Flowmeter

Wedge Flowmeter Wedge-shaped flow sensor is new style differential pressure flow instrument of our company, which is consist of flow sensor and differential pressure transmitter.  It has already made up the gap that domestic measuring domain have no flowmeter that can measure city gas with large-scale change(flow change can be dozens of times with the change of time) and natural gas; Which has solved the flow measuring difficulty of pix, pitch, residue oil, paraffinic oil and all kinds of mediums with high viscosity. Besides, it is also widely used in measuring those enterprises with strong causticity, those saturated or oversaturated acid, alkaline, and saline liquid will separate out crystallization with the change of temperature.   Product features 1. Simple structure, good stability and reliability. 2. Independent of medium’s physical and chemical states such as conductivity, dielectric constants, foam etc. 3. Appliable for all kinds of medium environment such as corrosive, toxic and explosive one. 4. Interface measurement or level measurement of 2 kinds of medium with different density. 5. Two-wire 4~20mADC signal output, 0.8’’ or 0.56” LED digital display

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