Vortex Flowmeter Troubleshooting

 Vortex Flowmeter Troubleshooting
1. Check the failure of side components and electronic components, After a long period of operation, some electronic components may reach the end of their life and fail, causing the instrument to malfunction.

2. Damage from impurities in the medium:  the dirt in the fluid adheres and deposits on the inner wall of the measuring tube, the surface of the generator and the inner wall of the instrument converter, 
   the surface of the generator and the surface of the detection element,The geometrical size parameters of the measuring  tube and the generating body are changed, the measurement error of the meter is increased, 
   the sensitivity of the detection element is reduced, and the signal amplitude is reduced, which in turn causes the failure of the detection element.

3. Lightning damage. It is a common failure for field instruments to be damaged by lightning strikes during thunderstorms. Lightning strikes will induce instantaneous high-voltage spikes and strong surge currents in the transmission line.
   Break down or burn down the electronic components in the converter. Such lightning strikes are mainly introduced through power lines and signal lines.


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