Vortex flow meter model selection

 Vortex flow meter model selection

I. Medium (gas, liquid) flow range

II. Installing the length of the straight pipe section This parameter is relatively important because the length of the straight pipe section will directly affect the measurement accuracy of the vortex flow meter. The following is an introduction to the length parameters of several common pipes. 

2.1 The vortex flow meter has certain requirements for the upstream and downstream straight pipe sections of the installation point, otherwise it will affect the flow field of the medium in the pipeline and affect the measurement accuracy of the instrument.

2.2 The sensor should be installed horizontally or vertically (the flow direction of the liquid is from bottom to top) on the pipe corresponding to its nominal flow. 

2.3 There should be no flow regulating valve on the upstream side of the sensor. 

2.4 If the length of the upstream straight pipe section cannot meet the requirements of the above figure, it is recommended that the user install a fluid rectifier in the upstream pipe. 

2.5 If the pipe is to be reduced in diameter, the length of the straight pipe section and the tapered pipe should meet the above figure.

2.6 Do not install the sensor on a pipeline with strong vibration, so as not to affect the accuracy. For example, when the sensor is installed and used on a pipeline with vibration, the following measures can be taken to reduce the interference caused by vibration: (a). Fix the supporting point of the pipeline. (B) On the premise of meeting the requirements of straight pipe sections, excessive installation of hoses.


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