Vortex Flow Meter Installation & Maintenance

 Vortex Flow Meter Installation & Maintenance

Any flow meter is not without its shortcomings, but if he wants to give full play to his advantages, he must know how to install and maintain the flow meter. Let me introduce the installation and maintenance requirements of the vortex flow meter.

(1) First, try not to install the vortex flow meter in a place with mechanical vibration, such as the inlet and outlet of a reciprocating pump or compressor. At present, many manufacturers have taken many measures to reduce vibration. For example, ROSEMOUNT 8800D uses mass balance sensing system and adaptive digital signal processing technology (ADSP) to provide excellent anti-vibration performance. However, these measures can only mitigate the effects of vibration and cannot fundamentally eliminate them.

(2) The vortex flow meter is the same as the throttling differential pressure flow meter. The generation of the vortex street must be in a stable flow field with certain straight pipe requirements. The length of the straight pipe section directly affects the rated accuracy of the vortex flow meter. Taking Rosemount 8800D as an example, the upstream straight pipe section is at least 10 times the pipe diameter and the downstream straight pipe section is at least 5 times the pipe diameter. After meeting the requirements of this minimum straight pipe section, the flow rate can be corrected by a correction factor. This correction factor can be set by the device management software or the Communicator.

(3) Generally, the vortex flowmeter is installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines, which can meet the accuracy requirements. However, the best practice for installing on a horizontal pipeline is to keep the vortex generator on a horizontal surface, so that when measuring liquid, it can prevent the sediment from disturbing the frequency of the vortex generator. When measuring gas or steam, it is possible to prevent the liquid from disturbing the frequency of the vortex generator.

(4) In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, the vortex flowmeter should be calibrated regularly. The calibration of Vortex is generally completed in a factory or laboratory, but it should be noted that the calibration environment of the factory is different from the actual use environment. For example, the factory calibration of ROSEMOUNT 8800D is performed on the SCH40 pipeline by default. However, in practical engineering applications, it is certainly impossible to have the SCH40 pipe wall thickness, so there is a certain difference in inner diameter. In actual applications, it must also be considered to be corrected by a correction coefficient.

(5) The vortex flow meter should be installed only after the pipeline is flushed and purged to avoid impurities from entanglement with the vortex street generator and affecting the generation and frequency of the vortex.


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