Vortex flow meter has flow, why flow indicate 0?

 Vortex flow meter has flow, why flow indicate 0?

This problem usually due to unreasonable setting, it need to check the below posibility:

1. If the frequency is (F) is 0, then it means it couldnt get the correct signal, the parameters may set unreasonable(smallest frequency, max frequency, gain, medium type), or the working site has intensive interference(pls check whether has big frequency converter or others could cause interference) or vibration. Pls take the photos of the above setting we need to check.

2. If the frequency is normal, but flow is 0, then need to check:flow range upper limitation and small flow cutoff setting ( setting according to previous range) is reasonable or not, if with temperature and pressure compensation, it need to check the temperature sensor and pressure sensor measuring is correct or not.

3. If all the parameters are correct, then the working site must have intensive vibration or other interference,which makes the signal output unreasonable, if over frequency point, or uncertain, the flow meter could read 0 or still 0, if the user has oscilloscope to test the TP3 wave(the WAVE test method also attached), if has no oscillosope, the user can enter no.51 menu, and check the working condition of flow meter, if the no.51 change very quickly,or the signal display on the bottom LCD screen is smaller than 9, then it means the flow meter not work stable and need to check the flow meter grounding and flow sensor working normal or not.


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