Fault analysis of vortex flow meter

Vortex Flow Meter Fault Analysis

Vortex flowmeter is a speed flow meter that can be used for flow measurement of various media such as water, steam, and realizes online automatic compensation of dynamic parameters such as pressure, temperature and compression coefficient, which can display on the spot.

1. Symptom: After the newly installed or repaired vortex flowmeter is installed on site, the display instrument has no indication.
Reason analysis:
(1) There is no flow or flow in the pipeline, and there is no vortex inside the sensor.
(2) Sensor detection sensitivity is too low
(3) There is debris between the probe and the inner wall of the pipe.

2. Symptom: There is no fluid flow in the pipe, and the display instrument has flow display.
Cause analysis:
(1) Poor instrument grounding introduces external interference
(2) Sensor sensitivity is too high

3. Fault phenomenon: The flow shows that the meter is swinging.
Analysis of the cause:
(1) The sensitivity of the amplifier is not adjusted properly.
(2) The flowmeter is not installed correctly, causing vibration of the medium passing through the meter.

4. Symptom: The secondary meter indication is low and slow.
Analysis of the cause: It may be that the dirt is blocked between the probe and the inner wall, but it is not blocked.

5. Symptom: A meter is used to indicate a certain scale, and no matter how the sensitivity potentiometer is used, it does not work.
Analysis of the cause: It is generally possible that a component inside the watch is damaged.

6. Fault phenomenon: Indicates long-term inaccuracy, there is no indication at all, indicating that a wide range of fluctuations cannot be read, indicating no return to zero, no indication at small flow, and the meter factor cannot be determined.
Cause Analysis:
6.1 Selection issues After the design of the vortex flowmeter is selected in the caliber selection, the specification selection is too large due to the change of the process conditions. In the actual selection, the smallest possible diameter should be selected to improve the measurement accuracy. Improper selection may result in long-term inaccurate indications, indicating that the fluctuations are too large to read. For large flow rates, it is also possible to indicate an inaccurate phenomenon when the flow rate is small.
6.2 Installation issues The length of the straight pipe at the front and back of the sensor is not enough, which may cause the indication to be inaccurate for a long time.
6.3 Problems with secondary instruments Common secondary instrument problems are short-circuited on the circuit board, the range setting individual bits are badly displayed, and the K-factor setting has a bad display of individual positions, making it impossible to determine the range setting and other parameter settings, which will cause the meter to indicate Not allowed.
6.4 loop wiring problem The connector is not connected, causing the circuit to be interrupted, so that the meter is always instructed
6.5 Connection between secondary instrument and subsequent instrument Due to the problem of the subsequent instrument or the subsequent instrument maintenance, the current signal output by the secondary instrument is caused to open, causing the secondary instrument to always have no indication.
6.6 Problems with the use environment In particular, sensors installed in the well may cause the board to be wet due to high humidity, and may also cause the meter to be inaccurate or always indicate no fault. The method of treatment is to regularly clean the vortex flowmeter probe, check the grounding and shielding, and regularly dry or do moisture-proof treatment. Q & T Instrument has developed and produced the vortex flowmeter for more than twenty years. If you have other problems that cannot be solved, you need to consult with the staff of Q & T Instrument at any time. We are always ready to provide you with solutions.


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