Union Electromagnetic Flow Meter with High Press

 Union Electromagnetic Flow Meter with High Press

Union electromagnetic flow meter is specially designed for oil field. It can stably and reliably measure the flow of various slurry, mud, cement and other liquids under working conditions such as high pressure, high flow rate, and pulsating flow. The flow meter has front and rear straight pipe sections, which are easy to install and use, ensuring high measurement accuracy. The commonly used pressure are 16MPa, 26MPa, 42MPa, etc.

♦  No moving parts,no pressure loss.

♦  self-diagnosis,empty pipe alarm, exciting alarm. high and low flow alarm

♦  Union connection, easy to install and tear down

♦  Recording time when power off, record power broken time automatically.

♦  Dual frequency excitation and stable zero point.

♦  Precision coil winding technology,makes magnetic field more uniform.

♦  Built-in reference electrodes,no need to connect ground ring

♦  Measure forward and reverse direction flows

♦  High accuracy: ±0.5% of reading, ±0.2% optional



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