Five points troubleshooting of ultrasonic flow meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Troubleshooting

Ultrasonic flow meter is like the electromagnetic flow meter, the measuring pipe without any moving parts inside, especially in the large size pipe measure have its advantages, it is a kind of flow meter which become more and more popular in recent years.

It usually will have five normal faults, we will list one by one and inform you the dealing method.

First, reading fluctuate sharply. Reason analysis: installation pipe have big vibration or close to the adjust valve, pump,elbow pipe etc. Solution: install the flow meter away from the vibration place or the upper flow of adjust valve, pump, bent etc.

Second, reading have big error.
Reason analysis:
1.Ultrasonic flowmeter sensor install on the top and bottom of the horizontal pipe, The sediment on the top and bottom of the pipe interferes with the ultrasonic signal. Solution: Install the sensor on both sides of the pipe.
2.The ultrasonic flowmeter sensor is mounted on a pipe with a downward flow of water, and the pipe is not filled with fluid. Solution: Install the sensor on a full-filled pipe section. 3.There are devices that make the flow state strong and fluctuating, such as venturi, orifice plate, vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter or partially closed valve, which is within the range of sensor transmission and reception, making the reading inaccurate. Solution: install the sensor away from the device, and the sensor is upstream from the device 30D, downstream from the device 10D or moved upstream of the device. 4.The input pipe diameter of the ultrasonic flowmeter does not match the inner diameter of the pipe. Solution: Modify the pipe diameter to match with the pipe. Third, the sensor is good, but the flow rate is low or no flow rate. Reason Analysis: 1.The paint and rust outside the pipeline have not been cleaned up. Solution: Re-clean the pipe and install the sensor. 2.The surface of the pipe is uneven or the ultrasonic flowmeter is installed at the welded joint. Solution: Smooth the pipe or away from the welded joint.
3, the pipe roundness is not good, the inner surface is not smooth, there is pipe lining scaling. This may occur if the pipe is a cast iron pipe. Solution: Choose a material such as steel pipe with a smooth inner pipe or lining.
4.The measured medium is pure or the suspended solids are too low. Solution: Choose the other type of instrument that is suitable. 5.The sensor is mounted on the pipe of fiberglass. Solution: Remove the glass fibers.
6.The sensor is mounted on the bushing, which will weaken the ultrasonic signal. Solution: Move the sensor to the uncased section. 7.The sensor and the pipeline are not well coupled, and the coupling surface has gaps or air bubbles. Solution: apply the coupling agent.

Fourth, the reading will increase when the control valve is partially closed or the flow is reduced.
Reason Analysis: The sensor is placed too close to the downstream of the control valve. When the valve is partially closed, the actual measurement of the flowmeter is to control the flow rate of the valve's reduced diameter flow rate, and the flow rate increases due to the reduced diameter. Solution: Move the sensor away from the control valve, move the sensor upstream from the control valve 30D or move the sensor to the control valve upstream from the control valve 5D.

Fifth, the ultrasonic flowmeter works normally, and suddenly stop measuring the flow.
Cause Analysis:
1.The measured medium changes. Solution: Change the measurement method, the medium, etc.
2.The measured medium is vaporized due to excessive temperature. Solution: Cool down the medium.
3. The temperature of the measured medium exceeds the limit temperature of the sensor. Solution: Cool down the medium.
4. The coupling agent under the sensor is aged or consumed. Solution: Reapply the coupling agent
5. The instrument exceeds its own filtering value due to high frequency interference. Solution: Keep away from interference sources
6. Data loss in the computer. Solution: Re-enter the correct parameters
7, the computer crashes. Solution: Restart your computer


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