Turbine flowmeter's requirements for medium viscosity

Turbine flowmeter's requirements for medium viscosity

Turbine flowmeter requirements for medium viscosity and inspection items before installation
It is well known that the turbine flow meters, positive displacement flow meters and Coriolis mass flow meters in flow meters are three types of flow measuring instruments with high repeatability and high accuracy. Turbine flow meters have their own characteristics, such as simple structure and zero processing. Few parts, light weight, convenient maintenance, large flow capacity and adaptability to high parameters.
Due to the influence of the eccentricity of the turbine and the small change of the mechanical frictional resistance torque, the turbine flowmeter will undergo periodic speed changes during the same rotation period, which also makes it difficult for the turbine to have extremely low speeds, because it is extremely susceptible to disturbances. Stop turning.
The effect of viscosity on turbine flowmeter:
1. For low-production wells with high produced fluid viscosity, a more sensitive turbine of the acquisition system should be used to accurately collect low-speed (less than 0.01r/s) signals.
2. Before entering the linear section of the turbine response, the K value continues to increase, and it increases exponentially with the inlet Reynolds number of the flowmeter.
3. As the viscosity increases, the K value of the turbine flowmeter will decrease, and the linearity will also deteriorate.
4. As the viscosity increases, the starting displacement of the turbine flowmeter will decrease, and the minimum speed of response will also decrease.
5. Turbine flowmeters used to measure fluids with different viscous fluids can be calibrated with different Reynolds numbers under high viscosity conditions only once, and the relationship between the K value of the turbine flowmeter and the Reynolds number can be approximated, and the turbine can be deduced inversely. Response curves for fluids with different viscosities.

Turbine flowmeters will have many minor problems in installation and use, but you must pay attention to these details in order to ensure the flow



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