Q&T INSTRUMENT turbine flowmeter works

 How Q&T Turbine Flow meter works

Q&T turbine flow meter has a turbine that is installed in the fluid piping and supported at 
both ends by bearings. As the fluid passes through the turbine, the fluid impacts the Q&T 
turbine blades, causing the turbine blades to rotate.

The gauge of the turbine flow meter indirectly measures the flow rate through the angular
velocity of the turbine blade. The method uses the angular velocity of the blade to be
proportional to the fluid velocity.The angular velocity is detected by the sensing coil mounted
on the casing.

When Q&T turbine blade cuts the magnetic flux generated by the permanent magnet in the casing,
the change in the magnetic flux of the sensing coil is changed. The sensing coil sends the detected
magnetic flux cycle change signal to the amplifier of the measuring instrument to amplify and shape
the signal.


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