turbine flow meter oil flow meter vegetable oil flow meters


Turbine flow meter  oil flow meter vegetable oil flow meters

 When the turbine flow sensor is used, the sensor should be slowly filled with fluid, and then the outlet valve should be opened. It is forbidden to be impacted by high-speed fluid when the turbine flowmeter sensor has no fluid.
The maintenance period of flow sensor is generally half a year. During inspection and cleaning, special attention should be paid not to damage the measuring parts in the turbine flowmeter chamber, especially the impeller.
During assembly, the position relationship between the guide part and the impeller should be considered. When the flow sensor is not in use, the internal liquid should be cleaned, and the two ends of the sensor should be equipped
with protective sleeve to prevent dust from entering, and then it should be stored in a dry place.

The simultaneous interpreting of the filter is regularly done. If it is not used, it is necessary to clean the internal liquid, like a sensor, with a dust proof sleeve, to prevent dust from entering, and to place it in dry place. The transmission cable of turbine flowmeter sensor can be laid overhead or buried. Before the sensor is installed, it is connected with the display instrument or oscilloscope. After being powered on, the impeller can be blown by mouth or pulled out by hand to make it rotate rapidly and observe whether there is indication. When the sensor is installed with indication


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