Tri-clamp Vortex Flow Meter under production


Vortex flow meter is one kind of speed type flow meter, it’s based on Karman vortex theory and adopts piezoelectric crystal
to detect the burble frequency of the fluid caused by flowing through the triangular prism in the pipeline and then measure
the flow of fluid. It is widely used in petrol, chemical industry, light industry and power heat supply and so on.

Our Vortex flow meter Advantage:
1. Integrated pressure and temperature compensation.

2. 4-20mA, pulse with HART or pulse with RS485 are selectable

3.Wide temperature range up to highest temperature 350℃

4.Embedded sensor, 4 piezo-electric crystal encapsulated inside the sensor.
5.No moving parts, no abrasion, non-wearing parts inside, fully welded SS304 body

Connection Type
Flange / Wafer / Thread / Tri-clamp / Insertion


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