Thermal mass flow meter trouble shoot

 Thermal mass flow meter trouble shoot 

Thermal gas mass flow meters will have no display, low flow rate, abnormal flow rate, 4-20mA output abnormality, alarm output abnormality, RS-485 output abnormality and other faults during use. How to deal with these faults?

I. No display
1.1 No power supply: turn on the power
1.2 The internal switching power supply of the instrument is damaged: Connect 220VAC, and the power indicator does not light, indicating that the switching power supply is damaged.
1.3 The DC24V power supply is connected reversely: check the polarity of the power supply
1.4 The display is damaged: check the power indicator, the indicator is on, indicating that the display is damaged

II. Abnormal flow rate and large flow fluctuations
2.1 The flow rate parameter setting is wrong: check the flow rate parameter setting 2.2 The fluid property is pulsating flow: adjust the filter coefficient
2.3 The sensor is dirty: clean the sensor
2.4 The sensor is damaged: return to the supplier   

III. Low flow rate
3.1 The direction of the probe is reversed: the direction of the probe is installed correctly
3.2 The sensor is dirty: clean the sensor
3.3 The sensor is damaged: return to the supplier
3.4 The flow parameter setting is incorrect:check the parameter setting   

IV. 4-20mA output is abnormal
4.1 The range setting is wrong:correctly set
4.2 The converter is faulty:return to the supplier
4.3 The wiring is not looped-check the wiring

V. RS-485 output is abnormal
5.1 There is a problem with the baud rate and station number setting-input correctly
5.2 Polarity is reversed-change the polarity

5.3 The connection line is damaged-check the connection line

VI. Abnormal alarm output
6.1 The parameter setting is incorrect-the alarm parameter is set correctly
6.2 The alarm output function is not configured-contact the supplier
6.3 The relay is damaged-return to the factory for repair


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