Thermal mass flow meter trouble shoot

 Thermal mass Flow Meter Trouble Shoot


In the process of using the hot gas mass flow meter, there will be no display, low flow rate, abnormal flow rate, 4-20mA output abnormality, abnormal alarm output, abnormal RS-485 output, etc. What should be done when encountering these faults? We will introduce you one by one.

First, no display

1. No power transmission - turn on the power

2. The internal switching power supply of the instrument is damaged - the 220VAC is turned on, the power indicator is not lit, indicating that the switching power supply is damaged.

3. DC24V power supply reversed - detect power polarity

4. The display is plugged in - re-inserted

5. Display damage - check the power indicator light, the indicator light is on, indicating that the display is damaged

Second, the flow rate is abnormal, the flow fluctuation is large

1. The flow rate parameter setting is incorrect - check the flow rate parameter setting

2. Fluid properties are pulsating turns - adjusting the filter coefficient

3. The sensor is dirty - clean the sensor

4. Sensor damage - return to supplier


Third, the flow rate is low

1. The probe direction is reversed - the probe direction is correctly installed.

2. The sensor is dirty - clean the sensor

3. Sensor damage - return to supplier

4. The flow parameter setting is incorrect - check the parameter settings


Fourth, 4-20mA output abnormal

1. The range setting has an error - set correctly

2. Converter failure - return to the supplier

3. Wiring is not looped - check wiring

Five, RS-485 output is abnormal

1. There is a problem with the baud rate and station number setting - correct input

2. Polarity reversed - change polarity

3. Damage to the cable - check the connection line

Sixth, the alarm output is abnormal

1. The parameter setting is incorrect - set the alarm parameter correctly.

2. Unconfigured alarm output function - contact supplier

3. Relay damage - return to factory maintenance




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