Thermal mass flow meter trouble shoot

Thermal mass flow meter trouble shoot

Thermal gas mass flow meters are particularly widely used and can measure all gases except acetylene, so they are increasingly trusted by users. Many users will encounter some minor problems during use, such as:

I. Low flow rate

1. The direction of the probe is reversed-install the probe in the correct direction

2. The sensor is dirty-clean the sensor

3. The sensor is damaged-return to the supplier

4. The flow parameter setting is wrong-check the parameter setting

II. The 4-20mA output of thermal gas mass flow meter is abnormal

1. Wrong range setting-correct setting

2. Converter failure-return to supplier

3. The wiring is not looped-check the wiring  

III. RS-485 output is abnormal

1. There is a problem with the baud rate and station number settings-input correctly

2. The polarity is reversed-change the polarity

3. The connection line is damaged-check the connection line

Q&T Instrument has developed and produced thermal gas mass flow meters for many years. If you have any questions about other flow meters, you can contact the staff of Q&T Instrument at any time, and we will answer you the first time.


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