Thermal mass flow meter application

 Thermal Mass Flow Meter Application


Thermal mass flow meter is another measuring instruments for natural gas and various kinds of  gases like the O2, CO2, N2,etc, and it is more and more popular among our clients right now, in order to help our client get more info about thermal mass flow meter, here we please see below application:

1. Public Project: Eelectricity, gas and water monitoring:

Common gas; general system; biogas;coal gas;natural gas; liquid LPG, boiler preheating air;

2. Petroleum and natural gas industry:

Energy transfer; well filling gas recycle; natural gas mesuring; gas quality analysis; leakage gas testing; flare gas monitoring

3. Electricity industry: 
Fuel system gas allocation process gas measuring; boiler and assist system gas and steam measuring; gas furnace gas measuring; power plant blast furnace primary air and secondary air measuring;

4. Chemical industry: 

Fuel gas cycly detection; gas flow measuring in sample system; draught fun gas flow rate measurement; ammonia gas measuring in chemical fertilizer plant; battery factory gas flow rate measuring;

5. Metallurgy industry: 

Steel plant gas feeding measurement; iron mill blast furnace coal gas measurement; coking plant coke oven gas measurement; steel mill heating furnace fule gas( blast furnace coal gas, coking gas, natural gas) measurement and control; the H2, O2, N2 control in the glowing furnace of heating process

6. Paper pulp and paper making industry: 

Waste gas process system gas measurement; chimeny gas flow control; boiler recycle secondary/ tertiary air; boiler fule gas and air supply detection;

7. Food and medical industry: 

The fresh air feeding during the process operation; CO2 treatment in the brewery; the hot air in the bottle sterilizer flow rate measurement; gas flow rate measurement of the thermal oxidation process; ventilation system; boiler air inlet, waste gas process control

8. Environment protection:

Biogas application process gas measuring; chlorine gas treatment process measurement; gas measurement in the aeration basin of waste water process;

9. Other industry: 

Factory compressed air gas measuring; coal powder burning process powder and gas matching control fuel;


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