Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter
Thermal gas mass flow meter are instruments that use the principle of heat conduction to measure gas mass flow. 
The sensor of this type of meter consists of two reference grade thermal resistance (platinum RTD).One is the mass velocity sensor T1. 
One is the temperature sensor T2 that measures the change in gas temperature. When these two thermal resistances are placed in the gas under test,
Among them, T1 is heated to a constant temperature above T2 (the temperature of the measured gas), 
and T2 is used to sense the temperature of the measured gas. When the measured gas flows,
The molecules of the gas rub against the heated T1 to take away heat energy, and the temperature of T1 drops. 
To maintain a constant temperature difference between T1 and T2, power is consumed when T1 is heated.
According to the Kin's law of thermal effect, the heating power P, the temperature difference ΔT and 
the mass flow Q have a certain numerical relationship, and the gas mass flow is obtained.


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