The Reasons for the Inaccurate Electromagnetic Flowmeter

 The Reasons for the Inaccurate Electromagnetic Flowmeter 
When the user uses the sewage flowmeter to measure, especially the electromagnetic flowmeter originally operates normally, 
the accuracy suddenly appears inaccurate. The following are common causes of failure.
1. The liquid contains air bubbles
2. Inaccurate measurement caused by incomplete tube
3. Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode corrosion leads to inaccurate measurement
4. The conductivity of the measured medium is too low, resulting in inaccurate measurement
5. Electromagnetic flowmeter electrode fouling and electrode short circuit lead to inaccurate measurement
6. Deformation of the electromagnetic flowmeter lining leads to inaccurate measurement
7. Inaccurate measurement caused by strong external electric field
8. The installation position of the electromagnetic flowmeter in the straight pipe section does not meet the requirements


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