The reason for the inaccurate display of the vortex flowmeter

 The reason for the inaccurate display of the vortex flowmeter
1. Choice.
After caliber selection or design selection of some vortex sensors, due to changes in process conditions, 
the selection specifications are larger, so the actual selection should be as small as possible to improve measurement accuracy.
2. Installation.
In terms of installation, if the length of the straight pipe before the sensor is insufficient, 
the measurement accuracy will be affected. For example, the straight pipe section before the sensor is obviously insufficient.
3. Parameter setting direction
Due to parameter errors, the instrument indicates an error. Parameter errors lead to errors in the calculation of 
the full-scale frequency of the secondary meter, and similar full-scale frequencies lead to long-term inaccuracy of 
indications.The actual full-scale frequency is too much. The calculated full-scale frequency causes the indication to 
fluctuate in a wide range and cannot be read.


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