The nine advantages of battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeters

The battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter is a measuring instrument specially designed for water supply companies, which can optimize water consumption and ensure accurate water measurement. Next, we will briefly introduce the 9 advantages of electromagnetic flowmeters with electromagnetic power supply.
1. Micro-power design, five 3.6V lithium batteries, continuous work for 5-10 years, and easy to replace the battery.
2. The display adopts LCD large-screen liquid crystal display, which can display multiple flow parameters such as instantaneous flow rate, flow rate, forward and reverse cumulative total, and alarm prompts.
3. There are no movable and resistance parts in the measuring tube, no entanglement or blockage, almost no pressure loss, and can work reliably and continuously for a long time.
4. The measurement range is wide, and the flow velocity measurement range can reach 0.05m/s~10m/s.
5. The measurement is stable, and the measurement accuracy is not affected by changes in physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, and density of the measured medium.
6. It has the function of pulse output and wireless data remote transmission.
7. It has the function of data storage, and the interval of data storage time can be arbitrarily set and data query.
8. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in sewage treatment, water conservancy projects, urban water supply and other fields.
9. Stable work, high measurement accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability.


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