The difference of various kinds of ultrasonic flow meters

Q&T produce various kinds of ultrasonic flow meter. For example, handheld/portable type, fixed type ultrasonic flow meter etc.
Here in order to make our users better understanding about how to choose a suitable type, pls find information below:

1. The main difference between fixed ultrasonic flowmeter and portable ultrasonic flowmeter
1.1 The applicable occasions are different. The fixed ultrasonic flowmeter is used to install in a fixed position to measure the flow of fluid in a certain pipeline for a long time without interruption; the portable ultrasonic flowmeter has great mobility and is mainly used For temporary measurement of fluid flow in different pipelines.
1.2 Different power supply methods. Fixed ultrasonic flowmeters require long-term continuous operation, so 220V AC power must be used. Portable ultrasonic flowmeters can use on-site AC power or have built-in rechargeable batteries, which can work continuously for 5-10 hours, which is very  convenient To meet the needs of temporary flow measurement in different occasions.
1.3 Some fixed ultrasonic flowmeters with different functions usually have 4-20mA signal output and other functions for remote display, but they can only store the parameters of one pipeline inside; portable ultrasonic flowmeters are only for viewing the current flow on site And the accumulated flow in a short time, so there is generally no output signal function, but in order to facilitate the measurement of different pipeline flow, it has a rich storage function, can store the parameters of different pipelines at the same time, for use at any time.

2. The power supply mode of the fixed ultrasonic flowmeter and the portable ultrasonic flowmeter transducer is different.
It can be divided into three types of ultrasonic flowmeters: clamp-on type, plug-in type, and pipe segment type.
2.1 The externally attached externally clamped ultrasonic flowmeter is an ultrasonic flowmeter that was produced earlier, users are more familiar with and has a relatively high application. The installation of the transducer does not require pipeline interruption, and it is ready to use. It fully reflects the installation of ultrasonic flowmeter Simple and convenient to use.
2.2 Some pipes of the pipe segment type are due to poor material, poor sound conduction, or severe corrosion, gaps between the lining and the pipe internal space, etc., resulting in serious attenuation of the ultrasonic signal. The externally attached ultrasonic flowmeter cannot be measured normally, so a pipe section is generated. Type ultrasonic flowmeter. The tube segment ultrasonic flowmeter combines the transducer and the measuring tube into one, which solves a problem in the measurement of the externally attached flowmeter. Moreover, the measurement accuracy is higher than that of other ultrasonic flowmeters, but at the same time, it also sacrifices the advantages of the externally attached ultrasonic flow and continuous flow installation, which requires cutting the pipe to install the transducer.


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