The difference between vortex flowmeter and turbine flowmeter

The difference between vortex flowmeter and turbine flowmeter

 It is mainly used for flow measurement of medium and fluid in industrial pipelines, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media. It is characterized by small pressure loss, large measuring range, high precision, and is almost not affected by parameters such as fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc. when measuring the volume flow of the working condition.
Turbine flowmeters are velocity-type flowmeters, which are instruments that use a multi-blade rotor (turbine) to sense the average flow rate of fluids and derive the flow or total amount. Through the rotation of the impeller, the magnetic field line is cut to output the signal, and then the flow measurement is obtained after signal processing and output.
Turbine flowmeters are used in: petroleum, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas and cryogenic fluids and other aspects. It has the advantages of simple structure, few processing parts, light weight, convenient maintenance, large flow capacity (large flow through the same caliber) and adaptable to high parameters (high temperature, high pressure and low temperature).


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