The difference between ordinary water meter and flow meter

 The difference between ordinary water meter and flow meter

Ordinary water meter and flow meter are different, water mater specially used for domestic application, but most of flow meters used for industry application. 

1. The water meter implements the national standard water meter standard, and the flow meter implements the industry standard.
2. The water meter has higher requirements than the flow meter. The water meter focuses on the measurement of a wide range. The standard R200, R400 can be made, too. The flow meter is suitable for fluid measurement with stable flow rate.
3. The water meter is only used in the water industry, while the flow meter is used in major industrial and civil industries. The application of the flow meter is wider than that of the water meter, but because the upper and lower limit range of the flow meter is 1:30 is narrower than that of the water meter, Water meters are often used in the water industry.
4.Application: Water meter basically only measure water, not gas, and some liquid medium water meters cannot be used; flow meters can measure gas, liquid (water, oil, turbid liquid, slurry, etc.) and other media.
5. The water meter has low accuracy, class 1 or class 2, flow meter enjoy high accuracy, ±0.5 (standard), ±0.2 (optional).



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