Temperature or Pressure Compensation Flowmeter

 Several Conditions are Required For Temperature or Pressure Compensation
1. When measuring gas, it needs temperature and pressure to compensate at the same time. The gas is generally settled in the standard condition volume flow,because the flow rate will change when the volume flow rate or pressure of the gas changes.
2. When measuring saturated steam, single temperature compensation or single pressure compensation is required. The density of saturated steam has a fixed correspondence with temperature or pressure (saturated steam density table), and any one of them can determine the density of saturated steam.
3. When measuring superheated steam, temperature and pressure are required to be compensated at the same time; steam is generally settled by mass flow. Because of any change in temperature or pressure, the density of the vapor changes and the mass flow changes.
4. When measuring liquid, generally no pressure compensation is required. Below 5MPa, generally only the temperature influence is considered, and temperature compensation is required for accurate measurement. Generally, no compensation can be used when measuring


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