Selection and Maintenance of Gas Flow Meters

 Selection and Maintenance of Gas Flow Meters

Flow measurement plays an important role in the production process control and measurement accounting of petrochemical enterprises, especially in today's focus on energy conservation and improving economic benefits, the requirements for flow measurement are more stringent. Choosing the right gas flow meter plays an important role in the operation, maintenance and cost control of the enterprise, and its economic benefits are very significant. Difficulties and Measurement Methods of Gas Flowmeter Measurement Coke oven gas is a by-product produced by coking enterprises, and its components are mainly composed of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane. The gas contains ammonium naphthyl hydrate and tar, as well as a certain amount of dust. Coke oven gas is washed in the purification process, so the moisture content is generally saturated, and the relative humidity is 100%. This causes the following characteristics to be paid attention to in the selection of coke oven gas flow:
1. Low hydrostatic pressure, low flow rate and low fluid density.
2. The gas produced by the coke oven has sticky substances such as tar and other impurities, and the viscosity is relatively large.
3. The gas contains the water compound of naphthalene, and naphthalene is easy to crystallize at low temperature.
4. The fluid humidity is high, and some measurement objects also carry a small amount of water, which flows in layers at the bottom of the pipe. According to the above characteristics of coke oven gas, it can be seen that although there are many types of instruments that can measure gas flow in existing flow instruments, due to the complex composition of gas and many impurities, ideal instruments for measuring gas flow are almost impossible to find. Vortex flowmeters are not suitable for use due to low hydrostatic pressure and low flow rate. It is also not suitable for turbine flowmeters due to impurities such as tar. Therefore, the instrument for measuring the flow of coke oven gas is mainly a differential pressure flowmeter.


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