Reasons for improper installation of vortex flowmeter

 Reasons for improper installation of vortex flowmeter
(1) The length of the straight pipes upstream and downstream of the instrument is not enough, the gasket protrudes into the pipeline, the sudden contraction of the pipeline, 
   the sudden expansion of the baffle, and the serious disturbance to the flow field.
(2) Poor installation of liquid flow measurement containing trace gas or gas flow measurement containing trace liquid causes the stagnation of the abnormal flow medium in the 
   flow measurement pipeline of the vortex flowmeter, which will interfere with the flow measurement.
(3) When measuring liquid flow, install the vortex flowmeter on a top-down vertical flow or downward sloping flow pipe, or install the vortex flowmeter at the outlet of the pipe without back pressure, 
  causing the liquid to not fill the pipe. 
(4) The installation location of the vortex flowmeter is too close to the power source (fan, pump), and there is no long enough upstream straight pipe and effective vibration reduction measures.
(5) When measuring the flow of high-temperature media, install the vortex flowmeter horizontally and forward, the converter is located directly above the pipe, and the pipe insulation measures are not in place, 
causing the high temperature of the pipe to directly bake the converter and cause damage to the electronic components.
(6) If the electrical installation is wrong or the power supply voltage is abnormal, the instrument converter cannot work normally, and it is damaged.



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