r400 electromagnetic water meter

R400 electromagnetic water meter

Product Features

2.1 Low pressure loss and low requirements for straight pipe sections

2.2 High measurement accuracy, ultra-wide range ratio, starting flow rate of 5mm/s

2.3 All stainless steel design, protection grade IP68;

2.4 Low power consumption design;

2.5 Communication method RS485/Bluetooth/LORA/NBIOT etc. optional;

2.6 Protocol type CJT188 protocol and MODBUS protocol are optional;

2.7 With self-diagnosis and self-monitoring functions;

2.8 High-capacity lithium battery pack, the continuous working time of the measuring part is not less than 10 years

2.9 Reserve external power supply interface, pressure/temperature sensing interface;

2.10 Wireless transmission part, the battery can be replaced.


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