QTLD High-pressure Electromagnetic flowmeter

QTLD High-pressure Electromagnetic flowmeter 

QTLD High-pressure Electromagnetic flowmeter is composed of high-pressure
 electromagnetic flow sensor and high-pressure electromagnetic flow converter
  produced by special technology. 

QTLD High-pressure Electromagnetic flowmeter is specially used for geological,
petroleum exploration and oilfield systems to measure mud, cement slurry and
high pressure under high pressure conditions. Volume flow of conductive liquid or
liquid-solid two-phase medium such as water injection.
The pressure of the high pressure electromagnetic flow meter can reach 42MPa.
QTLD High-pressure Electromagnetic flowmeter Features:
1.Measurements are not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, humidity,
   pressure, and conductivity.
2.The measuring tube has unobstructed moving parts, no pressure loss,
    and low requirements for straight pipe sections.
3.The sensor has a grounding electrode to achieve good grounding of the meter.
4.The sensor adopts advanced processing technology to make the instrument have
    good anti-negative pressure capability.
5.The smart converter uses a liquid crystal backlit LCD display to make readings in
    the reflected sunlight or in the dark room easy.
6.Smart Converter displays both volume flow percentage, actual flow, and cumulative flow.
7.Set parameters by infrared touch button, and can be safely set without opening the cover of
   the converter under harsh environment.



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