QTLD Electromagnetic flow meter installation requirement

Q&T QTLD electromagnetic flow meter is made of two parts: flow sensor and converter.

QTLD electromagnetic flow meter installation requirement is must install on the bottom part of the pipe, or the vertical pipe. The most important
is that must make sure liquid full of pipe, and have enough upstream & downstream straight pipe.

1. Requirement for the external circumstance

1.1 Avoid install in the area where temperature varies much or have high temperature radiation. If have to install in such places, need to make
     heat isolation methods.

1.2 Electromagnetic flow meter better install indoor. If have to install outside, please avoid rainy or sun exposure, and need have moisture proof
     and sun protection.

1.3 Avoid install in the circumstance where have corrosive gas.
1.4 In order for the convenience of installation, maintainance, need to be enough space around the flow meter.
1.5 Avoid magnetic field, and strong vibration. if there’s strong vibration, need to make base to fix the pipe.

2. Installation requirement

2.1 For flange type electromagnetic flow meter, need to have at least upsteam 5D, downsteam 2D.
2.2 For insertion type electromagnetic flow meter, need to have at least upstream 10D, downstream 5D.
2.3 Need to make good grounding. 


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