Q&T Thermal mass flow meter application


                     Q&T Thermal mass flow meter application

Q&T Thermal mass flow meter can be used for measuring the mass flow or volume flow of different types of gas. Do not need temperature and
pressure compensation,accurate measurement in low flow and easy operation. Below are some of the industries which thermal mass flow meter
commonly can be used in. 

1. Electric power Industry: 

    Application: Air volume measurement of the primary air and secondary air
    Advantage: No moving parts, don't clog pipes. Wide range ratio and small pressure loss. 

2. Water treatment Industry: 

    Application: Air flow measurement in the aeration tank
    Advantage: Low flow measurement, Resistance soiling, dust-fast.

3. Industry: Petrochemical, Natural Gas

    Application: Torch gas emission, Flue gas, Natural gas Measurement
    Advantage: High sensitivity measurement for low flow

4. Industry: Metallurgical

    Application: Blast furnace gas, Coke oven gas, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen
    Advantage: Easy installation, Easy cleaning. High accuracy.

Except above examples, Q&T Thermal mass flow meter also can be used other industries, for most of dry gas measurement. 

Q&T always provide the good quality of thermal mass flow meter for you. 


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