Q&T Radar Flowmeter Applied in River Channel Flow Measurement

Radar flowmeter is a non-contact flow monitoring device that measures the flow rate, water level, and flow of river channels and pathways. 
Radar flowmeters are primarily used in natural rivers with harsh environments or occasions where the impact of water flow is relatively large, 
which is not suitable for the installation of touch-type flow measurement products.

Surveillance and Measurement Radar Flow meter is a multi-purpose portable monitoring radar. It can be installed on a fixed bracket with a 
single device, and multiple radar devices at different angles and positions, forming a large-area surveillance network. The monitoring and 
measurement radar can not only perform early warning of targets in important observation areas (such as people, cars, trains, and ships), 
but also perform high-precision parameter measurement of targets.

Product features: complete supervision information; reliable supervision information; accurate parameter measurement; automatic warning 
linkage; reliable system operation; software feature customization.


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