Q&T Radar Flow Meter

Q&T radar flow meter is mainly used for water measurement of open channel in irrigation area, and used as data terminal for remote measurement or
detection. It is usually chosen in standard section for measurement. The flowmeter adopts high-precision radar sensor to measure water level and
flow velocity, and uses the Joye self-owned irrigation canal model to calculate flow, and takes the influence of the environment around the open canal into account for correction.
Non-contact measurement, safety and low-loss, less maintenance, not affected by sediment
All-weather, not affected by temperature, strong anti-interference ability
Measurement operation and interval mode are order to save energy and reduce consumption
Multiple interfaces are provided to facilitate access to the platform system
Multiple communication protocols for different users
IP68 waterproof design, suitable for various outdoor environments
Small and compact appearance, super cost-effective
Simple installation, less civil works



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