Q&T FMCW 80GHZ Radar Level Meter

76-81GHz frequency modulation wave FMCW radar product (also called millimeter wave radar), it uses a millimeter wave band with a higher frequency than Ku band radar, it can detect smaller targets and achieve more precise positioning than microwave radar with higher resolution and stronger confidentiality. Therefore, it has important applications in long-distance target detection, strong smoke and dust environment, long-distance imaging, multi-spectral imaging, etc.
1.76GHz-81GHz FM wave radar
2.5GHz ultra-large FM scanning frequency width, wide application
3.Support standard HART, RS485/MODBUS protocol
4.Support operation methods such as PC setting software, tank side meter, etc.
5.24VDC power supply
6.Simple installation structure, adapt to various installation forms on site


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