Precession vortex flow meter trouble shoot

 Precession vortex flow meter trouble shoot 

Precession vortex flowmeter is a commonly used flow measuring instrument, which can automatically and accurately detect the temperature, pressure and flow value of the medium, and directly display the volume of the medium under the standard state. Cumulative quantity can not only display various parameters on the spot, but also transmit a variety of signals without output signals. Today we will mainly introduce the common faults and treatment methods of the precession vortex flowmeter, hoping to help everyone.

1. No flow but has output

Reasons: poor grounding of the flowmeter or interference from strong electric ground wires and other ground wires; high sensitivity of the amplifier or self-excitation; poor contact between the piezoelectric sensor and the preamplifier or open circuit; unstable power supply, poor filtering and other electrical interference .
Treatment method: correctly connect the ground wire and eliminate interference; replace the preamplifier; check the wiring to make it normal; repair or replace the power supply to eliminate interference.

2. Flowmeter display is unstable

Reason: The amplifier sensitivity is too high or too low, there is a phenomenon of pulse leakage; the depth position of the piezoelectric sensor is not adjusted correctly; there is unstable vibration or electrical interference at the site where the flowmeter is installed; poor grounding; the installation position is incorrect, there is Turn around.
Treatment method: replace the preamplifier; reset the depth position of the piezoelectric sensor; eliminate unstable vibration and interference; check the grounding circuit to make it normal; change the installation position.

3. The cumulative flow indication display does not match the actual flow

Reason: The meter coefficient input of the flowmeter is abnormal; the user's normal flow is lower or higher than the normal flow range of the selected flowmeter; the flowmeter itself is out of tolerance; the fluid cavitation phenomenon; the cumulative number of the pipeline is not in the range of 2×1047×106 Inside.

Treatment method: re-calibrate, use the function button to set and adjust to make it correct; adjust the pipe flow to make it normal; re-calibrate; reduce the pressure loss of the fluid to avoid bubbles.

4. Error switching display

Reason: Check whether the wiring is correct; check whether the switch button contact is good; check whether the display wiring is good; confirm whether the display is good.
Treatment method: correct wiring; replace the button; correctly connect the line of the display; replace the display.

There are many reasons for the failure of the precession vortex flowmeter, which is difficult to comprehensively analyze. This article only describes the precession vortex flowmeter from three aspects of the above common failure phenomena, analysis of the cause of the failure and the processing process of the flowmeter, hoping to help everyone better use.


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