Precautions for the use of ultrasonic open channel flowmeter

1. Installation method

Technicians often do not choose the installation method according to the size of the pipe and the signal strength, 
and often choose the default dual-mode mode of the flowmeter. The correct installation method is: single sound 
path should be adopted in large pipelines and complex environments; multiple sound paths should be selected in 
the case of small pipelines and signals.

2. Installation location

The installer did not place the ultrasound probe as specified, and did not confirm the important measurement conditions
for the media in the pipeline to be full. The correct installation position is; the probe should be placed in the horizontal
middle position of the pipeline; accurate measurement can only be carried out under the condition that the pipeline is full,
and the vertical pipeline of the fluid upward can ensure full flow. When the line segment is insufficient, the influence of the
slant flow on the flow rate measurement accuracy is compensated by setting the channel at the measurement section.

3. Incorrect operation

In terms of operation, if the technician does not operate according to the standard operating procedures, such as not accurately
measuring the pipe outer diameter, circumference, wall thickness, contact temperature, etc., these parameters will have an important
impact on the original data correction of the ultrasonic open channel flowmeter.


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