Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Installation Common Trouble Shooting

Ultrasonic flow meter have higher requirement in installation and good working condition. Only with proper installation,
ultrasonic flow meter can have the best working performance.
Below are some common trouble shooting need to be noted while doing installation.



How to solve it

No signal

Sensors installation not good;

Couplant is not enough;

Old pipe with too much rust or thickness liner;

Sensor cable broken;

Change another place and clean the rust inside of the pipe;

Check sensor cable;

Check couplant;

Signal Quality Low/Bad

Signal low;

Sensor installation not good;

Too much rust/thickness liner;

Sensor cable broken or not connect well;

Choose another suitable place and try installation again;

Clean rust;

Check sensor cable;

Check couplant;

After installation how to check whether installation is suitable or not:

  • Check Signal Strength

Stronger signal strength means a better result. Thus, please make sure signal strength more than 500 and try to make it as stronger as it can be.

  • Check Signal Quality

Signal quality is indicated as the Q value in the flow meter. A higher Q value would mean a higher signal. Q value more than 80 is good.  

  • Check Time Ratio

In menu 91, check time ratio, should be within 100+/-3%. Near to 100% is the best.

If >100%, make two sensors closer to each other.

If <10%, make two sensors more distance to each other.


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